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“Human Doing” vs. “Human Being”

Particularly in our Modern Western Culture, we are encouraged to measure our self-worth by how much we Do. For example, how much Money We Make. Or into how big a house we can hock ourselves up to our eyeballs to … Continue reading

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Inner Alchemy

In the Middle Ages and early Renaissance, much was written about ‘Alchemy’—best known for its attempts to convert lead into gold. But really, alchemy in general was more ‘proto-science’—these alchemists laid much of the practical groundwork for modern chemistry, metallurgy, … Continue reading

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Being of Service

Maybe I’m just getting older, but the idea of “Being Of Service” is increasingly important to me. That, however, is a tricky question. How CAN I be useful to myself and my community? All kinds of folks want me to … Continue reading

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