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Music as a ‘Representational’ Art Form

Arguably most of the visual arts down through the ages have been ‘representational’ — that is, the artwork depicts something recognizable by most people (in their cultural context). Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” is instantly recognizable as a woman: Van Gogh’s … Continue reading

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Jakob Boehme (Böhme), ‘Wrath’, and the Uses of Music

Jakob Böhme (1575 – 1624) was a Christian (Lutheran!) German mystic and theologian. By trade he was a shoemaker, but inspired by visions he wrote numerous theosophical volumes that were important influences on John Milton, Ludwig Tieck, Novalis, William Blake, Schelling … Continue reading

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New Music: ‘Zeus’

Here is a piece based on the musico-numerological representation of the name ‘Zeus’, for glass armonica, violin, cello, claves & finger cymbals. The ‘Zeus’ musico-numerological sygil is played by the glass armonica. Zeus (pdf of score) Zeus (mp3, duration 1:15) … Continue reading

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I wonder if Babel did a much more thorough number on Humanity than I previously imagined. It’s bad enough that Humanity has been split into English, Swahili, Etruscan, and so on. But even we who all supposedly speak English seem … Continue reading

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